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Sales Creators® is a business consulting firm offering services to help build or rebalance your small-, or medium-sized company. We offer a unique perspective on improving employer and employee relationships, and create programs to enhance performance and overall quality of being.

Individual improvement programs are available to restore and maintain quality of life.

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Sales Creators® Consultants

Sales Creators® has been helping brick-and-mortar businesses for more than 40 years. The world of business enterprise continues to change, and owners and managers of small- to medium-sized companies that have a physical presence must also have a business model with new sales and marketing strategies offering a responsive, positive experience to the in-person consumer when purchasing from your company.

Tai Chi for Health Spokane created employee health programs over a decade ago, that decreased absenteeism by reducing stress and fatigue, and increased creativity and productivity. These programs are available to individuals and small groups to improve their health, balance and energy.

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Business Consulting

Business consulting services can dramatically change the environment and profitability of a business. If you are the owner or manager of a small or medium company, and have suffered a downturn in sales or profits, or are experiencing stagnant sales, then our consulting services can be the answer. If you lack the experience to launch your product or service into new markets, or cannot afford the time to invest to properly do so, let us help you. Perhaps you have employees or teams of individuals who are not meeting the standards or requirements of your company, or maybe they are not supporting or serving your customers adequately.

After decades of professional consulting, Sales Creators® has helped thousands of customers reach pinnacles of success that some did not think were attainable. Most of our clientele realize an increase of over 25% in sales and profits. Some have even attained more than 50%. Achieving success takes planning, and execution of details. We have the expertise to offer your company methods to become more successful.

What Our Clients Say

Increase of $7 million in new business

A large Wisconsin furniture manufacturer posted an increase of $7 million worth of business over the previous year. The company’s president attributed “almost all” of the increase to a dealer training program created by Sales Creators®.


The Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a Sales Training Workshop presented by Sales Creators®. After the sold-out workshop, many of the attendees reported their individual company’s successes after implementing training and concepts given in the seminar.

All the money that I have invested has been returned many times over.

The CEO of Walkers Unfinished Furniture said, “The hands-on methods which Sales Creators® teaches, and the follow through which they provided are invaluable. All the money that I have invested in your programs has been returned many times over.”

Qigong is habit forming

After doing just 30 minutes of Qigong I feel very tranquil and peaceful, yet energized. I have found that doing Qigong on a regular basis has greatly reduced my stress levels, and improved my overall mood.
Ken L.

Tai Chi is something you will want to continue with once you start

Working on the exercises and forms are calming, and continue to help with lowering my blood pressure and improving my balance.
Bonnie C.

A fun way to improve my health!

I have seen the healing benefits of practice for myself. Improved breathing, improved posture, improved walking, and increased mindfulness has coalesced to generate a quieting, centering effect that has lessened anxiety. This has helped me respond and live my life rather than react and be driven by the external forces.
Mikel S.

QIGONG is magic

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009, and continually missed work as a result. The pain medications were as debilitating as the pain itself, as they caused extreme fatigue. A co-worker talked me into taking tai chi and qigong. I attended weekly classes, and practiced every day. Low impact and not strenuous at all, this was my kind of exercise! Slowly, I was starting to not hurt as much, and every day I get better. I encourage EVERYONE to try it. It is life changing!
Kirsta H.

Personal Programs

No matter what your age, if you do not have good health, your quality of life is not its best. Each person controls his or her own balance, and that balance cannot be purchased or given; it has to be attained.

Balance is needed for optimal success. Balance is the ability to have stability, and to be in harmony in life. This includes areas of health, work, home, family, friends, and leisure. The trend of people not being dependent on work as the defining point in their life continues to increase.

We offer programs that help people attain balance.

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