It’s about offering healthful options for your life.

Sales Creators® is a sales and marketing company that has helped thousands of companies and individuals since 1985 nationally and internationally. With a focus on sustainable growth, we have helped companies and individuals in almost every sector of the service and retail industry.

We Offer

  • Business Assessment and Planning
  • Consulting services for Small- and Medium-size business
  • Systems Development to achieve objectives
  • Resources for Employee Development
  • Tai Chi for Health wellness programs
  • Qigong and Tai Chi classes for individuals and groups

Whether your company employs dozens of individuals, or you are a one-person show, we can assist in areas of sales, productivity, and employee betterment.

Sales Creators® helps brick-and-mortar businesses. The world of business enterprise continues to change, but one thing remains the same: each company desires to give a positive experience to the consumer.

Whether you are an owner, an employee or staff member, or a person who wants to improve their wellness and outlook through relaxation or reducing harmful stress, we have classes available. They offer the most advanced help through ancient techniques that are proven to work.

The Tai Chi for Health program started in 2005; and has facilitated training for all age groups, from age 7 to 102 years old. This includes training for office personnel, individuals, families, people with disabilities, those with physical conditions or who are rehabilitating, and visually impaired people.

Presentations and group events are done at educational seminars and workshops, such as Valley Fest, Fitness Expo, Senior Wellness Conferences, Pride in Nursing Conference, and Falls Prevention conferences. We also participate in World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, a global event, a celebration of health and healing.