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Analysis of sales and marketing methods in your industry

Evaluation of systems used to manage and run the operation

Work environment assessment

What Systems Do You Use to Manage Your Business?

A look at training methods and procedures required by the business are key foundational aspects. If there is no blueprint to follow, how will the structure stand? Even in small businesses, plans for marketing, selling, producing and distribution are needed to achieve optimum success.

After decades of professional consulting, Sales Creators® has helped thousands of customers reach pinnacles of success. Achieving success takes planning, and execution of details. We have the experience to offer your company methods to become more successful.


In many small businesses, the only employee might be you, the owner-entrepreneur, or it may be a team of leaders. We specialize in crafting programs that meet business needs with a plan to optimize areas of desired growth.


Sales Creators® conducts an internal examination of current business methods and their effectiveness. A complete system for proposed programs to implement is provided.


We perform industry research and comparative analysis of growth in potential markets and competition. That material is provided to your company along with the systems and tools to meet objectives.

Employees and Your Customers

If your operation employs individuals that interact with the public, whether it is an online connection, or face-to-face, that customer service is a representation of your business. In many cases, we still expect that people, and not a robot, will deliver customer service.

An in-depth look at sales and the customer base sometimes reveals an overlooked facet of a business, and uncovers areas of potential increased profit and/or expansion. A complete analysis of these areas can offer the business an opportunity to deploy a system to attain stronger earnings. The systems (or lack thereof) used to run a business should be examined. When adequate systems are in place, there is groundwork on which the business can run well. If you do not utilize plans or systems, it is a worthy investment to have plans tailored for your company.

In businesses where customer service is essential, employee interactions with customers help define how that customer feels about your company. Exceptional customer service creates repeat customers, and a referral system that directly affects your business’ bottom line.

Business to Employee Relationships

From hiring, to training, to promotion: the employer and employee relationship can strongly affect the bottom line. The importance of this relationship is sometimes overlooked, but as the workplace experiences more adjustments, employer and employee interactions are changing, also. Finding, and keeping quality personnel is a challenge that goes beyond decent pay, benefits, and leave options.

Although transformations are on the rise, there are many workplaces in the United States that do not promote good health, or help their employees (even if it is just you) with better health options. Perhaps this is due to the costs associated with necessary conversions in the workplace, or lack of education.

A workplace should be designed to include safety and health in the overall business strategy. By promoting healthy habits at work, a business can help reduce expenses, decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity.

Improving Work Environments

Elements of the work environment may be questionable: long periods of time requiring employees to be seated in front of a computer screen, unsafe working environment (whether it be due to chemicals or solvents, or specialized equipment that may pose safety hazards), poor corporate culture, unhealthy recirculated air, artificial fluorescent lighting, and poor food and beverage choices in company vending machines. In a manufacturing environment, there are numerous hazards and safety standards to be upheld.

Also, systems may not be in place to reduce stress or provide incentives to change unhealthy habits if workers have them. Most employers know the financial effect that is caused by low productivity, or poor attendance due to sickness or stress.

New research reveals changes and disruptions in today’s workplace. The majority of employers say that maintaining employee morale has been difficult.

One-third of employers state these major challenges:

  1. Company culture
  2. Employee productivity
  3. Leave regulations

Nearly three-quarters of the employers surveyed in one report by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) say that they are struggling to adjust to remote work.

Many research studies have been conducted to find out what employees want from their jobs.

The following survey from SHRM lists areas of importance to employees:

  1. Job flexibility – employees want input in deciding when and where they work, including schedule flexibility
  2. Security and great working conditions with less stress.
  3. Respectful treatment of all employees
  4. Recognition and attention
  5. Fair compensation

Programs for Success

Large and small companies use Sales Creators®/Tai Chi for Health to facilitate ‘Employee Wellness Programs’ in the workplace. These programs offer the employee ways to improve their health, and reduce stress and anxiety at work by participating in a Tai Chi or Qigong class.

Instruction can be scheduled before work, at a lunch break, or after work. Options include having programs that allow employee’s family members to join, as well. Confidence building and a sense of comradery are typical advantages gained during the programs. The results include having more energy, and the ability to focus better on the task at hand.

Start Your Healing

Begin a training program or a class based on Tai Chi or Qigong – both are beneficial for reducing stress, restoring balance and focus.