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There are infinite ways of problem-solving, and working with employees and consumers. Examination of the sales or support staff can give insight into strengths and weaknesses of the work force.

A review of the people who deliver the business’s products or services should be conducted on a regular basis. If management does not have the time or expertise to perform this function, there are options, such as an outside firm like Sales Creators®.

Support Systems

What manuals or handbooks are needed to run a successful business? Does your company have any written direction for employees to follow? After the fundamentals of the business are defined, systems can be developed from there. Having a system transcribed into a manual gives a blueprint that employees and management can follow.

Some of the basics are issues like: safety compliance, employee policies, hiring and termination policies, accounting and administrative manuals, and other documents covering standard operating procedures. Documents for internal controls, checklists and evaluation tools, business and strategic planning reports with budgeting, HR procedures, and marketing tools are done depending on the needs of the business.

Sales Creators® can assess, and create procedures that express your company policies to clearly define standard operating procedure for all staff members and management. Once established, we can assist in the implementation and training within your company.

Specially tailored wellness programs for companies are available to fit into a corporate or small business setting. These programs will reduce stress, increase employee creativity and sharpen problem-solving skills, while improving their overall health and wellbeing. These cost-effective programs are simple to start in the workplace.

After the initial assessments are complete, we offer training and methods of implementation.

Cost of Absenteeism

The ‘Employer Assistance and Resource Network’ reported that workers in the U.S. miss more than half a billion work days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the losses of those unworked days to be $40 billion (USD) annually. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that productivity losses associated with absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion a year.

Additionally, the CDC claims that chronic diseases and related lifestyle risk factors are the major factors of high healthcare costs for employers. These conditions and unhealthy behaviors also reduce worker productivity. Their list of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity) to cost US employers $36.4 billion a year due to employees missing work.

Workplace Environment Assessments

A workplace should be designed to include safety and health in the overall business strategy. By promoting healthy habits at work, a business can help reduce expenses, decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity.

The macro environment affects the work environment. Improving workplace and global environments, and finding ways to gain better health have been evolving into key issues for employees, as well as employers. The employer-employee work relationship is transforming in the process.

Employees today are more like free agents than in the past. Employers are faced with creating a more engaging and flexible work environment. Flexible hours, child and elder care, stress reduction classes, and freedom to take care of necessities in their personal lives creates a space that entices the working individual.

Stress Inside and Outside of the Workplace

Workplace Wellness Programs

Healthier employees are more productive. Additionally, workplace health programs can reduce absenteesism as well as presenteeism (often defined as attending work while sick).

Here, the health symptoms, conditions, and diseases adversely affect the work productivity of individuals who choose to remain at work.

  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness
  • Less overtime costs needed to cover absent employees
  • Reduced costs to train replacement employees
  • Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day

Transform WORK into a three letter word…FUN! The employment experience often consumes much of our time and energy. Satisfaction with the experience can contribute to well-being in many ways.

We promote programs that build a TEAM, where members on that team have a vested interest in their own performance, and success of their teammates. Contact us today if you need to have better balance in your business.

Start Your Healing

Begin a training program or a class based on Tai Chi or Qigong – both are beneficial for reducing stress, restoring balance and focus.